“Art on the Brain (AotB) has provided me with an unexpected late life appreciation and understanding of art in its many forms around the world. And Bailey has presented the material in such a kind way. The program has become an important component of the Baycrest@Home curriculum for me.”

– GerrySecretary

“Attending group is the highlight of my week. This is my second family.”

– Anonymous UserSecretary

“Oh, you’re all like doctors. You give us injections of happiness.”

– Sharing Dance Seniors participantSecretary

“It was magical. I was almost in tears through the whole thing. I haven’t seen my mom smile like that in months!”

– Dana Francoz, after a music session attended by her mother, age 85Manager

“I look forward to the Tuesday sessions. I’ve made some social connections there, too.”

– Sid Kardash, participant in a support group for spousesAdministrative