Caregiver Webinar Series: Cultural Perspectives on Caregiving: Part 2

Join Dr. Adriana Shnall, PhD, as she continues the conversation of Cultural Perspectives in Caregiving with featured panelists, University of Toronto graduate students from Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work: Marina Thalassinos, Kerion Joinville and Jamie-Leigh LeTourneau. Part II of this series will explore ways in which we can honour our cultural backgrounds and the relationships we have in care, whilst balancing the modern expectations of work/life demands. This webinar aims to provide valuable insights and practical tools to enhance communication skills, navigate the modern expectations of work/life demands, and strengthen relationships in caregiving settings.

Caregiver Webinar Series: Cultural Perspectives on Caregiving

Join us to explore how Indigenous, African-Caribbean, and European perspectives uniquely shape the landscape of caregiving. Hear from Master of Social Work students from the University of Toronto’s Factor-Inwentash School of Social Work, as they provide insights into the traditions influencing care. Topics of discussion include traditional healing practices, familial dynamics, and community-based support systems, offering a glimpse into the cultural nuances that shape caregiving experiences. This webinar aims to deepen your understanding of the various ways communities provide care, cultivating a more compassionate and inclusive space for dialogue and exploration.

Caregiver Webinar Series: How can virtual reality be used as a training tool for caregivers

Speaker: Mary Chiu

In this webinar, Mary will facilitate an informed discussion, to explore barriers and facilitators as aging adults engage in digital technology, and particularly, in Virtual Reality interactions. She will also share preliminary learning from a multi-year Research & Development initiative called “Dementia Caregivers Skills-Training through Virtual Reality Simulation (VR-SIM Carers)”. The VR-SIM Carers initiative aims to engage caregivers, aging adults and community partners in the design, development and testing of an innovative skills-building and training platform for dementia caregivers to safely immerse in a VR environment, to practice different skills that are instrumental in the caregiver role e.g. communication, navigating relational issues, managing expressive behaviours, asking right questions to care professionals.

Caregiver Webinar Series: Rethinking Drinking

Speaker: Marilyn White-Campbell

In light of the Canadian Center on Substance Use’s recent launch of Canadas New guidance on alcohol use we will discuss our relationship to alcohol including
• Low risk drinking guidelines
• No risk drinking guidelines
• Options for the sober curious
• Making informed and healthy choices on alcohol use in later life knowing the facts.
• How to support someone with problematic alcohol use who has dementia